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Time for a joke

Q: Where do you keep all your dad jokes?

A: A DAD-a-base.

Ottawa Digitization and Database Specialist

Hey there! For the last few years - OK, maybe more than a few - my focus has been on the transformation of member based organizations from a fragmented environment to a digital paradigm where management is simple and I push towards self-management by members where possible. All in the pursuit of giving those data managers back their time.

As part of this digitization process of associations, charities, unions and sports organizations I have focused on work around tackling all the boring database and other nerdy topics like security of data.

With technical fundamentals being a given for me, the biggest benefit I bring is being able to speak in the language of the client and being able to translate that into technology.

I focus on giving people their time back as I made the critical mistake of taking time away from my family while I was cramming work into every minute of my waking day. Let's give you as much time as possible together.

Current product is MembersVillage, our database platform for member driven organizations.

Digitization and database specialist working in Ottawa

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