Car Accident Lawyer Website

I've spent a lot of time putting together websites for service providers and made a critical mistake. I thought that since they were the owner, they knew best. But if they knew better, then they wouldn't be the client.

Over the last little while I have pivoted my thinking and launched our first hyper-focused website for an Ottawa lawyer specifically focusing on MVA cases (car and motor vehicle accidents).

No more cluttering a website with content and then creating technical crutches to support it all. The approach for this MVA lawyer was very intentional and focused.

Conventional wisdom says you need lots of content (have you noticed how even finding a recipe online nowadays means spending 20 minutes reading somones childhood story) - so we took a risk. That is what any good business does, it takes risks and is willing to fail while everyone else pitches the same homogeneous website framework. Don't believe me? Go ahead and get 3 quotes and how many of those will be using Wordpress and offering you the same things.

Perhaps its a great match as car accident lawyers themselves take risks, they work on contingency and don't get paid until you win.

In our little experiment, it cost the lawer exactly nothing - that's right, we got paid $0 for putting up his motor vehicle accident website. We only get paid on quality leads coming in.

Don't really know how it will work, but excited to try a new website model.

Website Experiment for MVA Lawyer