How To Stop Junk Emails In One Easy Step

Is there anyone who loves junk emails? Well I mean for the occasional read I give them for a good laugh - no one!

And I'll let you in on a little trade secret of how to stop... err... well at the very least - reduce them.

Stopping junk emails is a bit of a powerful statement and only because there are no absolutes in technology. And why not? Because whatever I can tell you to do today to stop them will be made irrelevant to the adoptions of technology tomorrow. In layman's terms, the bad guys change up their tricks.

But the one method I am willing to share is so simple, you don't have to buy any fancy shmancy software, sign up to my newsletter, attend my webinars or even need the time of a nerd to do.

The little trick to stopping junk emails, ahem, reducing junk emails is quite simple and comes built right into your email software - you just have to enable it.

Want to know why spammers keep sending you emails? Because its profitable - that's why! But the reason they keep emailing YOU in particular is because you keep telling them "Hey, I got your spam email, so send me more!"

Let me explain the reason why - don't care? Skip to how you can reduce your spam emails.

Spam emails nowadays consist of text and images. And those pretty pictures, but mostly Viagra package images, are there for a reason. When you open that spam message it loads the images within and by doing so notifies the spammer that 1) the email address they sent to is valid and 2) the spam message was opened.

It may seem like such a minor detail, but images in emails do a lot for spammers.

So, here is how to avoid letting spammers know that you've opened up their email. Turn off automatic loading of images in your email software.

For Outlook users here is a guide on how to disable image loading:

For Thunderbird users here is a guide about remote content to configure your preferences:

Disabling automatic image will not only help you with getting less junk emails but will also have a small performance boost as your email software will no longer by default download images. Disabling images won't have an immediate effect, but given time you will see less spam emails in your inbox.

Simple. Effective. Free.

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