Step 3: Ignore the Data Experts

And now onto part 3 of our guide on how to ensure total unsuccess of your data project. Feel free to start at Step 1

There is always someone who will try to make your project a successful one. You can easily identify these people using our foolproof data expert checklist:

  1. they are mammals
  2. they make statements like "I would like to clarify the objectives"
  3. they probably drive a Toyota, or even worse, a bicycle

To ensure total success of unsuccess for your database project you need to put a lid on these people quick.

Our unsuccess recommendation

To achieve unsuccess a typical conversation with these "experts" should be responded to as per below (recommendations in bold):

Can we clarify the goals of this database project? No.

Can we define who is responsible for what? No.

Can we design improvments over the process from 1975? No.

Can we set a budget and timelines for this project? Yes....... Not!

And so on.

Database Project Fail Through Technology