Respect, Integrity and Trust

Today we dig into the bucket of "how personal life changes help me be a better leader".

"Babe, our investments are pretty much gone"

The news I had to give my amazing partner was awful.

Now let me back up a little for context.

Wifey entrusted me with our investments. My dad had a heart attack and died. I went for a mental spin for a while. Our investments were high risk and not being able to manage them, they tanked. We lost a LOT.

I could have covered it up instead I accepted responsibility and broke the news. I had no idea of the reaction I would get, I didn't have a plan on how to fix it. I just went in with "i f*cked up".

Forward 3 years... the world didn't end! She didn't leave me or even chew me out but WE are happy, healthy and in a better spot relationship-wise.

All this because a few years ago I decided to build all my relationships on fundamentals which build on each other....

.... respect
.... actions
.... integrity
.... trust

I would have preferred NOT to lose a bunch of cash.... but I can always make more.

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