Step 1 of The Real Ultimate Guide For Successful Unsuccess On Your Data Project

Welcome reader to starting your journey filled with success on the path of unsuccess. The fun cousin of accomplishment.

Within this collection you will be guided through essential recommendations of how achieve a high level of database project delivery. And by delivery we mean catastrophe.

While this entire collection is meant as a parody, it draws on actual past experience and interactions. As they say, good jokes have a bit of truth in them.

Step 1: The Database Project Mic Drop

Unsuccess says walk into your kick-off meeting like an alpha, tell everyone how they should do things, how long it should take and contradict all the nerds, all the time.

Be ready to counter those with common sense and expertise as they will try to sneak up on you and inject sanity. Very ninja like.

Our recommendation

Successful unsuccess works best when you set unrealistic expectations to confuse everyone then leave.

Step 2: Database Project Fail Through Technology

Ultimate Guide For A Successful Database Project