SEO success story no. 1 - Ottawa Car Accident Lawyer

Just wanted to share a recent SEO success experiment and the nitty gritty right away....

  • Yes, it was done in a 7 month time frame
  • Yes, it cost $100 (hosting) - we absorbed the cost since it was a new approach and de-risked client
  • Yes, it took 10 hours all in (dev + content pop)
  • Yes, less than 25 pages were needed
  • Yes, it was done without factoring in GMB

We aimed to position for "ottawa car accident lawyer", initial target was top 5, amazing was top 3 and the site now sits ...... #1. Now that I typed this out, it'll probably tank! lol

Observations which I am willing to share - use as you want:

  1. the website design isn't as relevant as we initially thought
  2. clarity is much more relevant than we thought
  3. much less content is needed to start seeing results than we thought
  4. SEO updates don't need to happen as often as we thought
  5. results fall off a cliff (pretty much) if outside the top 10 - duh!
  6. results still pretty much irrelevant outside the top 5 - yikes!
  7. did we use AI for content gen? No, but we did use AI for refinement

I see so many marketing agencies pushing the same game plan (Wordpress and post a blog once a day/week/etc) and it is just a waste of money for the client - when you can be agile and still see results.

remi goc seo success story